About Us

Sonya - Pharm D, Pharmacist,

Home grown graduate of creighton university that has came back to the elkhorn valley to serve her communities health care needs.

Dawn - Pharmacy Technician, Store Manager

Has been with the drug store since inception. Dawn is dedicated to providing accurate, affordable health care to the customer she loves and cares about.

Esi - Store Clerk and Bilingual Specialist

Ensures our spanish speaking clients feel at home. Cafe artisan as well.

Brett - Pharm D

Pharmacy graduate from Creighton University , is committed to quality, affordable pharmacy care with whole health in mind.

Maria del carmen, "Mc," - Store Clerk and Bilingual Specialist

Carmen keeps the front end organized and neat while managing front end inventory, all with a smile.

Brittany - Store Clerk, Inventory Control Specialist, and Front End Co-Manager

Works as hard as her mom dawn in providing a satisfying experience at louderback drug.

p: 402-454-2525

f: 402-454-2945